wind and fire

Care Instructions

Basic Wear / Product Care
We recommend that our customers remove their jewelry before going to bed or participating in any physical activity, including but not limited to: cleaning, cooking, gardening, swimming, bathing, sports/athletic activities (i.e. running). In general, jewelry should not come in contact with chlorine, household cleaning products or health and beauty aids (i.e. fragrances); these items contain ingredients that react to the metal and can cause tarnishing or discoloration to your skin.

Cleaning Your Jewelry
We suggest to use a small amount of water and tiny drop of dish soap to clean your jewelry. Use a non-abrasive polishing cloth and rub gently to remove any surface dirt. Make sure to buff dry with a clean soft cloth.

Wind & Fire® Jewelry prohibits the use of any chemical or jewelry cleaner. The use of any cleanser or polish voids the warranty of your jewelry. 
Storing Your Jewelry
All jewelry should be stored in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct contact with sun light when not in use. We suggest storing your pieces in our licensed Wind & Fire Jewelry boxes that are available for purchase through your certified Wind & Fire Dealer. 
Over time oxidation can be expected. This is considered normal wear and is not a defect.